For upsell and cross-sell of, for example, your Sunday brunch, sale of museum tickets or bicycle rental.

Standard function from

We call it Ads, these are clickable photos. Nice and big and clear, for when you want to draw attention to something extra. They are ideal for up-sell and cross-sell.

This is a Premium service. If you don’t have Premium but want Ads, please contact us. If you are premium, order your free AD below!

Get your own ad!

Our ads are clickable photos. You can link them to your own local or central page, but also to an external web page. It is important that it is clear to your user at a glance:

  • What it’s about (short / big)
  • That your user knows you can click on the photo

That means that you have to format the photo. To make it easy for you, we do that for you! How nice is that ?!

Create your own ad in a few steps:

  1. Think about what you want to promote
  2. Click the button below and view our versions
  3. Fill in the order form, where you enter your own text and send your own photo
  4. We will create the Ad for you and send it to you as soon as it is ready (please give us a few days)
  5. You can then put your Ad in your web app yourself
TIP: Use a timer on your ad

The ad is beautiful, clear and large, but also takes up a lot of space. So be relevant! Your Sunday brunch will not appear in your web app until Saturday and will go off again on Sunday afternoon, using timers. Not sure how timers work? Watch this video or sign up for our advanced webinar.

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