Chat Integration

With our floating button your chat is available throughout the web app, the guest can WhatsApp directly with the reception without downloads.

Standard function from

Our floating button is prominently displayed on your screen throughout the web app. If you want to add multiple links, we make the button expandable.

What is it???

A Floating button is a button that is used everywhere, on all pages of the web app. It is in a fixed place (usually at the bottom right) on your screen ‘above’ the rest of the web app. He floats over it as if it were, hence floating …

The floating button is therefore always and everywhere present in the web app.

So you can ideally refer to certain services / pages that are always important. Such as eg;

  • Chat via Whatsapp / Messenger, directly without the user having to install anything
  • Link to your Facebook and / or Instagram account
  • Link to your own GuestCompass page, for example where the Covid checklist is, or to the reservation of the restaurant
  • Provide a popup so that the guest can easily put the web app on his phones’ home screen and have the digital keys available quickly.

If you want to add more than 1 reference, we will make the floating button expandable. You cannot add the floating button yourself, we will do that for you. You also have to come to us for adjustments. You can use the form below.



Our advice

We can add a maximum of 3 buttons to the fold-out floating button. If you add a chat function, take your current texts into account, refer to that chat as well. It’s that easy!

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