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Help videos

Watch our instruction videos to learn our CMS, or to help you with something you can’t figure out.

Uploading a photo, adjusting a text, or creating more pages in your (web) app, you can all do that yourself. To keep track of the information on your GuestCompass, you have been given access to our CMS.

Our CMS is very user-friendly, so you can easily get started with minimal knowledge, but we have made some help videos. We recommend that you watch at least video 1, 2 and 3. For specific topics you can watch the other videos.

Start videos

1 CMS introduction

Duration: 01:24

in 1.5 minutes a short explanation about what the GuestCompass CMS is and what the basic functions are.

2 Create a new page

Duration: 00:55

Create a brand new page.

3 Make a page visable

Duration: 01:15

Sometimes confusing, you have created a new page (see video 2) but you don’t see it. After creating it, you have to ‘activate/link’ the page. Here’s how to do that.

More help videos

4 Add text

Duration: 00:59

Go to the correct Page in the CMS, drag the Text module into the page and add text to an existing page. Make sure you enter all languages, there is no ‘auto translate’. And click ‘Save Changes’ when you’re done.

5 Adjust text

Duration: 00:54

Go to the correct Page in the CMS, select the correct Text module in ‘the phone call’. You open this by also clicking the toolbox (configure module). Edit the text, in all languages, and click ‘Save changes’.

6 Add images to a page

Duration: 00:53

After you have uploaded a photo in the system (see video 12) you can show it on a page. You go to the correct Page in the CMS and drag the ‘Image carousel’ into the phone call. Select 1 – 3 photos by clicking on them. Autosave.

7 Link to external pages

Duration: 01:45

If you want to make a link to a website, an email address or a telephone number, you can do this via an external link. In the link module (select an icon as block type) scroll all the way down to external link. You can enter your own link per language, so AU to the AU website. You must enter the Page title and link per language.

8 Upload a PDF

Duration: 01:54

You can also upload PDFs via Assets and make them visible via Pages. Handy for your menu or cleaning schedule. The PDFs have their own category in Assets. You right click on the title of the PDF to copy and paste it as an external link on the page (see also video 9).

9 Add and adjust link buttons

Duration: 02:15

With our buttons you make pages visible. The buttons are created using the LINK module. Choose from icons or photos, long bars or tiles. Very handy to quickly adjust the layout of your web app.

10 Delete link button

Duration: 00:50

Go to the right page in the CMS, find the right ‘Link module’ in the phone call and click on the trash can to remove all links in the module. If you only want to remove 1 link from the module, open the ‘Link module’ and remove individual page links. If you remove a link, the page it links to will still exist.

11 Create a form

Duration: 02:24

All the steps to create a simple multilingual form. For example: requesting a late check-out, extra pillows, reporting a malfunction, etc.

12 Add images to CMS

Duration: 00:56

If you have new photos, you can add more photos to the CMS via Assets. Please note: photos are landscape 4 x 3 (ideally 1536 x 2048 pixels), no larger than 5 MB each and in JPG/JPEG/PNG/GIF format. After you have uploaded the photos here you can start using them on your page (see video 6)

13 Use of timers

Duration: 02:14

Get dynamism in your web app by using timers. Instead of “Friday there is happy hour” it becomes “Today there is happy hour”, which you only see on Friday. Timers available for text, photos, links, forms, videos and ads.
A timer is at least 1 hour, can be set arbitrarily, also per whole day or several days/parts of day.

14 Center text

Duration: 00:40

See video 4/5 to edit text. In the text module you open the Sourcecode/Sourcecode. In the source code change ‘p’ to ‘center’ and close the source code again. Now your text is centered. Click on ‘Save changes’.

15 Add clickable external link in text

Duration: 00:48

Create a clickable link (to a website) in your text. Go to your text (see video 4/5), select the text, click on the ‘link icon’, and enter what type of link it is and where it goes. Do it in all languages, and click ‘Save changes’ when you’re done.

16 Add buttons inside an image

Duration: 00:58

You can put buttons in the photos, which saves space in your screen and is sometimes just beautiful. If you add a photo to a page (video 6), then under the ‘Active images’ field, scroll down a bit, you have 3 Links. Left, Center and Right, for the 3 buttons in the photo. The links work exactly like the other links. Always add 3 links, otherwise you will get an empty field which is not nice.

17 Page titles & categories

Duration: 01:45

The CMS works with categories to organize the pages, so that you can easily find them. Using the Category dropdown (above the ‘Save this Page’ button) you can move the page from one category to another.

On the pages themselves you can show the page title at the top if desired. There’s the ‘Show page title’ checkboxes for that (above the ‘Save this Page’ button).

18 Add a central page

Duration: 01:03

19 Reception tool

Duration: 01:00

This video is especially for our customers who give guest room access with our web app.

See how to create a new access for a hotel guest.

Solve a problem together

GuestCompass wants your (web) app to function optimally. If for whatever reason this is not the case, you can also contact us and we’ll work through it with you. If you want us to watch your screen, please install Teamviewer before you call us.

Solve a problem together

GuestCompass wants your (web) app to function optimally. If for whatever reason this is not the case, you can also contact us by telephone. 085 210 09 99 ATTENTION! If you want us to watch your screen, please install Teamviewer before you call us.