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Relevance is key if you want to communicate well with your guest / user. Timers are an ideal tool for this.

Standard function from

On Sunday you offer a delicious brunch. Of course you want that on the GuestCompass. Preferably very large. But your guest who checks in on Monday has already left. It is not relevant for him to know that. With our timers you can automatically switch parts of your web app on and off per day and part of the day, so that you always show the right information at the right time. 

So the guest who is there on Saturday sees the message nice and big.

Free from the Large package

You can also set up your web app for different visitors, e.g. business from Monday – Friday and leisure during the weekend.

The timers set these modules on a weekly timer:

  • Text
  • Photo’s
  • Ads
  • Forms
  • Page links
  • Your recommendations

It is easy to set up yourself in the CMS, see example below:


Put your ads on a timer, so you can have fun alternating without overfilling your app.

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